Friday, January 28, 2011

snow days

sledding with katie 2
daddy, again!
we love snow days
four on a sled
we love that our neighborhood is full of big hills and great friends
snowy walk 2
we love an excuse to have popcorn and cocoa for lunch
snow day lunch
...and today we did it all over again!


  1. Your little ones will have some mighty fond memories of their care-free childhood days --- all of which pass so quickly in our lives. Much too soon we face the weight of responsibility and problem-issues along with the looming clouds of old-age and physical decline.....there is a time to be born...a time to heal...a time to build up...a time to laugh...a time to dance ...but there are other-times-a-coming-as well...!

  2. Oooh, Popcorn and Cocoa!! Yummy! We've been having that for "lunch" several days around here, too. I'm glad to know we're not alone in that little indulgence!! :)

  3. kelli-thank you for the play silk info- i did find a little tutorial on dying them with koolaid so i think i am going to do that and order from Dharma Trading- the tutorial suggested buying the 30"x30" which seemed like a good size... is that the popular size with your two little fairies?

  4. I'm ordering some too, Melissa! The magic cabin silks are "36 square so the 30" will be smaller but still just perfect for all one million of their uses:) I'm going to get those and also a couple of the long ones to try dying multiple colors.
    I haven't decided on a method -will you send me your tutorial?

    Kelli- This is the link I found for Dyeing the playsilks. There are a lot of them and all basically are the same steps it seems. They also have 35" square ones on Dharma and this blog talked about painting them with Silk paint- BEAUTIFUL!!! So I am going to try kool-aid for my first round since it seems so EASY... Actually, I also people online somewhere dyeing them with wilton icing dyes and I have quite a few of those so I might even try that since there are tons of colors that way. FUN!


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