Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November begins...

...with me realizing I took zero good pictures of the kids on Halloween. This is all I've got (at least it's documented).
Darth and the Fairy Princesses

...with freezing temperatures and plenty of fallen leaves for this year's Thankful Tree.  Kate's warm-but-kinda-too-bright outfit yesterday was making me a little dizzy.
kate's fashion statement

...with a visitor! My nephew, Josiah, is staying with us this week while his mom, dad and baby sister are at a conference in D.C.  Joey has been happy and easygoing, and my kids love having another cousin around to entertain. When you already have three wild things running around the house, what's one more?  (I'll let you know at the end of the week if I still feel that way.)


  1. Whahoo for the Thankful Tree and November!

  2. LOVE the thankful tree! I might have to steal that idea...

  3. Would much much rather be with your family today when compared to my Wednesday!
    Love those bright colors!...and as those little girls and guys came to our door I kept looking to see if one looked like Kenna, or Tristan, or Thaddeus, or Lily!
    Spoke with Kevin Lanan in Houston and heard about his two little ones --- Isaiah 2 yrs, old and Lily who is 10 months.
    Doc has been trying to get me in for a 'gi track procedure' and unfortunately the nurse called yesterday saying a cancellation had occurred.
    Never a fun experience --- actually this is only my second one in life!....fortunately got a good report. Doc sent one pollup to the lab but indicated it did not look like a bad one!
    Eager to be with the Campbells!

  4. Fun!! I am so excited to see the return of the Thankful Tree! I will definitely try to incorporate that to our home this year. Thanks for the reminder!
    So... when did Tristan get to be 10 feet tall?? That Darth Vader costume makes him look like he's 14 years old already! So awesome.

  5. I love the Thankful Tree idea! Maybe we can try that one out next year.

  6. The more the merrier, right? Love the Thankful tree. Seeing yours reminded me that I want to get one up this year too.

  7. Another kudos on the Thanksful Tree! I'm inspired to put one up this year too.


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