Wednesday, November 17, 2010

more Gracie face

Since I'm still working on Grace's photos, I just had to share this adorable shot.  I LOVE those roly-poly arms! I actually made that blanket for Grace last spring, well before her birth (and that, people, was the last time I managed to finish anything ahead of time). So far, all my kids and nieces and nephews have received an Auntie Kelli blanket and I really do hope I can keep up with this prolific family of mine (0 to 9 Grand kids in 7 years -sheesh!)  I was so excited when I finished Grace's swaddler that I mailed it off to Lisa with a matching purple hat right away, forgetting to take a picture.  This shot, however, is the one I needed since really, the blanket wasn't ever about the blanket but that sweet girl who was to be wrapped up in it.
I have a few new crochet projects in the works...well, in my head anyway...and after finding some gorgeous wool yarn on sale today, I might actually start them this week!

p.s. Today is the big 3-0 for Grace's mamma, Lisa! You might want to go on over and wish her a Happy Day (or make old lady jokes and offer to buy her next round of Metamucil.) Love you, sis!


  1. haha! thanks Kelli, I like the Metamucil joke. Wow! I stil remember when Christie turned 30 and how I thought she was "old" - I should have known better that I would eventually get there. Ha!

  2. Will you come take pictures of my baby girl??? And I love seeing the zinnia header again!

  3. I'm pretty excited to have an "Auntie Kelli" blanket too. :)


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