Saturday, October 30, 2010

october musings

This weekend brings a last soccer game and a team party after a season well-played and well-coached.  Did I ever mention Tristan's hat trick? I never knew what a hat trick was until he scored three goals in one game -three! His dad took him out and bought him a new hat.  I love those boys.
One or all of us will be headed into D.C. on Marathon day.  Shawn is running the 10k and I was hoping to watch, but traffic, crowded metro stations, three kids, an early morning start time and some recent causes for concern have us puzzling over the plan.
Our kids have never been trick-or-treating before as we are not really big on Halloween and have always had alternative plans with our church.  This year, however, they will knock on a few doors in their star wars and fairy costumes before coming home to pass out candy from their own pumpkin-lit stoop.  I like to think that we can use this weekend to teach our kids about the Light we know in our hearts, and that we should open our doors to let it shine in the darkness.
The winds are blowing and last night it was downright cold.  I love being outside as the leaves are falling and crunching underfoot, but I know this change in the air means Autumn's colors will all-to-soon give way to Winter's gray.
skyline drive
October has been beautiful in Virginia -a riot of color and activity.  While part of me wishes the leaves would cling a bit longer to those trees, another part of me welcomes the coming season of celebrations, family traditions and hopefully a bit of simple peace and quiet.


  1. love all those fall colors. here is a great article put out by "ransom fellowship" on halloween. we find ourselves rereading it each year. (their site is great, by the way!)

  2. love that article, kate - thanks!


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