Monday, November 15, 2010

a weekend recap

What day is it? Monday -what? How did that happen? Why is my house so messy? Who put the cheese on the stairs?
Life seems to be flying past me these days and these are the typical thoughts in my head at any given moment.  It's a good thing I take pictures of everything because lately it seems to be the only way to pause life and take it all in.  So, here's a photographic re-cap I've been sifting through today...
fall leaves
We're still enjoying those fall leaves both inside and out.  Today we collected bags full for a special project that I will share with you later (if it works!)
Lisa & Grace
I'm kind of drowning in photos-to-be-edited-and-shared-with-sisters.  I do so love being able to give them great family pictures, but since I refuse to share them until they are perfect, it kind of takes a while. Yes, I'm kind of a perfectionist (or maybe kind of slow. or both.)
Christie & Beau
Saturday, Shawn and I got all cleaned up and shiny to attend the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  I love those dress blues and the chance to get pictures like this one...
USMC Birthday Ball
No ball would be complete without our one traditional grainy, blurry, flash-faced, long-arm shot.
USMC Birthday Ball
Then of course there are the handed-the-camera-to-a-friend shots that usually turn out better.  I think my colorful dress choice this year was a result of the plain black maternity dresses I've worn to the past three!
USMC Birthday Ball
So, that was our weekend. Are we caught up a bit now? Sort-of? What day was it again? And why is my house so messy...?


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