Wednesday, October 6, 2010

apples and a story (and a whole lot of pictures)

I'm back and I have new photos -lots of them! That's us at the apple orchard, all of us,  thanks to my friend Kim who took over the camera at just the right moment.  This is Kim and her family...
Once upon a time, Kim and I worked at a summer camp in Colorado.  I was Wilderness, she was Rez, so we didn't have a whole lot of interaction at camp and didn't keep in touch after. Fast forward to 2010, Quantico, the soccer fields, team Argentina and a nagging she-seems-so-familiar feeling...and what are the chances?! So here we are, twelve years and seven kids later, living on the same street, cheering on our soccer boys and becoming fast friends.  We had a great time Saturday at the apple orchard...
I pick those three
And Shawn's favorite...
"do not feed the animals"
I told you I had a lot of pictures.
And now the park is calling to us as the clouds are rolling in.  We're off to get some air while we can.  Here's one more, because it's a very rare thing to have not one but two pictures of our whole family to share...
{thanks, Kim, for a fun apple-filled day and for the great family portraits!}


  1. Can imagine that baked apple with blue-bell-homemade-vanilla is mighty tasty! :)
    Love the terrific family pics! Eager to be with you again!

  2. Wow, so beautiful. I love the picture of the Do Not Feed The Animals with Shawn and Kate. So cute!

  3. What fun family pics, Kel!! I can 'hear' Shawn laughing in the "Do Not Feed..." pic, too -- so funny!! Wish I could sit and share a morning slice of apple pie with you guys!

  4. Kelli these are gorgeous! Would it be wrong for me to frame and hang a picture of the Campbells on my wall and pretend like it's us? :)

    PS - I just bought Livi the same shirt your girls are wearing. Good taste, friend :)

  5. So there are five Campbell's? It's nice to see you all in a picture would make a good Christmas card, but I'm sure you'll come up with another great shot!

  6. absolutely LOVE that first family photo-- so much personality!


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