Friday, October 1, 2010

take me out...

The rains have passed, the Autumn air has finally -FINALLY- turned into Autumn air and we finally got ourselves out of this house.  It was gorgeous today with enough chill to merit sweaters and socks and a definite "no" when Kenna asked to play in the pool.
Tonight we gathered with a bunch of friends in the park.  We grilled burgers, pushed little ones on swings, met new neighbors and talked until well-past dark (but that was a good thing because we didn't have to see just how muddy our kids were getting!)
I didn't take any pictures, but if I had I guess I wouldn't be able to share them with you anyway.  I have made progress though -lots of it! Maybe by Monday I'll have some fresh pictures to show.  I did realize that this bunch never made it into the family album (i.e. this blog), so I'm sharing another lovely evening out, at the kids first base ball game back in May...
the game
keep 'em fed keep 'em happy
the girl with the braids
kate at the game
the game

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  1. Hot dogs, crinkle fries, pink glove ... it's a triple play! Too cute!


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