Tuesday, January 6, 2009

saturday sail

The pelicans greeted us at the docks on a beautiful, balmy Saturday. As much as I talk of loving winter and wishing for cold and snow, I do know how lucky we are to have days like this in January.
There was hardly any wind but we didn't care, it was a gorgeous day. The air was not too cold, the sun was warm and parents and kids alike were happy to be sailing, well, motoring along the coast. Tristan prefers to have the sails down because it means he gets to hang out in his favorite spot at the bow and clamber around topside in the fresh air. I can't say I blame him. Kenna likes to sit wherever she can reach out to throw crumbs to the bish. At nap time she is content to relax inside and needs very little to be comfortable. You know, just the essentials like her blanket, her paci, her pink sunglasses, her book, her cup, her Tad doll....

I get in trouble when I'm at the wheel because I usually have a camera in one hand, the wheel in the other and more attention focused on the camera than where I am going. But how can I help myself when have this sweet moment in my viewfinder...

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