Monday, January 19, 2009

a list of things lately...

1. Fourth Circle is on repeat shuffle in my car.
2. We started The Truth Project at
3. I drink a lot of orange juice, not so much coffee.
4. I wish that if it has to be so cold we could at least have a little snow to make it a pretty cold.
5. The kids discovered that if they talk loud enough they can hear each other from their separate rooms. The post-bedtime giggling is adorable and sweet but we have to put an end to it after a while which is no fun for anyone.
6. The closets and corners of our home have been filling up with stuff. I've made a few trips to Goodwill. The kids didn't notice. I can breathe again.
7. My son loves to learn...reading, guitar, writing, cooking, games, the solar system...and I wonder sometimes if I can keep up with his hungry little brain.8. My daughter likes to be cozy. She brings me a blanket and says "cosy! cosy!" till I wrap her up and snuggle her close. I like to be cozy too, Kenna.
9. The kids like to call dad on the phone. We don't get to see him much during the week but we are thankful he is only a phone call away.
10. We love our weekends. Dad is home and makes pancakes. Mom makes lattes and hot chocolate. We play and we sit by the fire.I hope you have had a warm weekend...whatever the temperature outside may be. I'm still in weekend mode since the holiday is stretching ours through Tuesday...the weather man says snow is coming...


  1. funny..."Imagination Movers" is on repeat shuffle in my car. Humph. We're doing "The Truth Project" at our church, too, but I'm unable to go to that and the Beth Moore study on Tuesday nights. You'll have to keep me posted on your thoughts about it!

  2. Kev and I just finished The Truth Project with a small group and loved it! I am excited you all are getting to do it too. When is that baby due?!?

  3. I'm 36 weeks! Feb 19th is the official due date. Tristan came early, Kenna was late -so there's no telling what this one will decide:)


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