Friday, January 2, 2009

one more day

Today we said goodbye to our Christmas tree and carefully packed away all the little memories that made it sparkle. Shawn and I are not nick-knack-souvenir types so whenever we travel we look for a special ornament to commemorate the time. Over the years we have collected quite a few and it is fun each year to hang them on the tree with exclamations of oh, remember when... or I forgot about that! Now, added to the vacation memories are "baby's firsts" and preschool glitter creations making it even more special.
Yesterday I began the New Year's task of putting away the Christmas decor but I just couldn't bring myself to start on the tree. One more day, I decided, and while the kids napped I sat next to it working on that baby blanket instead. The blanket (you may remember seeing the beginnings of here) has been a heap of trouble I didn't expect, but it is beginning to come together and I love the snugly, soft, winter weight of it.
The tree may be gone now but the fire is lit and there is a new blanket in my lap -already snuggled around the baby it will soon welcome. Post-holiday life is still cozy in the Campbell house.


  1. Hehe! I see your toesies! :)
    The blanket is gorgeous. I love the creamy shades...

  2. Beautifully written...and I love the picture of you. I am so jealous that you are still able to wear your wedding band. I had to give mine up in the beginning of December. You look beautiful and your work is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. We could use one of your warm blankets out here in Spokane! I think it was 2 F this morning --- about 15F now.....way too cold for this Kansas couple!
    love, d

  4. Hi Kelli! Happy birthday to Kenna (I think it's today?)! The blanket looks wonderful!


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