Thursday, January 29, 2009

put it on the list

I have a thing for lists lately. To-do lists, baby needs lists, book lists, address name it, I'll list it. (I'm twenty-seven months pregnant, I believe I'm allowed this little obsession?)
That said, here's a random list for the day. Things that have made me happy or inspire me to do or just impress me enough to want to revisit them. Or maybe to make a list...

* Meghan's adorable quiet book. If only I had her skills.
* This fabric. Oh and this one too. And maybe this one...
* The daily bits of habit and this post of Pioneer Woman's photography.
* All those blogs listed over there under 'friends who blog'.
* A good long phone call yesterday with a dear friend. Blogs and emails are great for keeping up but there is nothing like hearing a familiar voice, laugh and sigh to help you feel a little bit less so-far-away (and also to leave you wishing you were not so far away!)
* And that little bunny's pom-pom tail...


  1. amen, sister.
    [tears inserted here...hormones???]
    Love You!

  2. I'm pretty sure you meant THIRTY-seven weeks pregnant, right??

    And that Bunny pom-pom tail...I would sleep with it. Yep. I would.

  3. nope. 27 MONTHS...third baby, you do the math :)hehe

  4. Ha! I didn't even catch that :)


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