Tuesday, July 8, 2008

shasta daisy

In light of all my garden annoyances this summer, such as excessive heat, rabbits, mole crickets, and a lack of zinnias in the zinnia patch (more on that later), I thought it would do me some good to look for the positives.
I have had this Shasta plant for over three years now and it never blooms. Ever. I even tried to get rid of it once but my Dad found it discarded behind the house and re-planted it right out front.
"It won't bloom", I told him.
"It'll bloom", he told me.
Well, he was right. Thanks Dad.


  1. Too funny!! Your dad has one of the greenest thumbs EVER. Kind of like Ryan's granny, who can make a hydrangea come into full bloom in September! No kidding!!
    I like the color exclusion you did - nice work!

  2. We win one occasionally!
    Glad they did bloom!


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