Wednesday, July 2, 2008

make way for ducklings

I saw this sign, did a double-take and being me, went back for a picture. First you have a very ordinary Person-crossing-the-road sign. Then there's Mama Duck quacking to her little ones to follow while that one is flapping his wings in panic, "Wait for me! Quack Quack!" Why is there no cute little kid behind Mr. Person up there, waving his arms in panic, "Wait for me, Dad! Wait!" Now that would get a driver's attention.

The signs brought to mind an old book we have been enjoying lately, Mr. Pines Mixed Up Signs. It's fun to see a little creativity in something as ordinary as a road sign.

"Soon the new signs were up all over Little Town.
Mr. Pine did not know it, but the signs looked funny..."


  1. Oh, I loved that book!! Did you find it at the library? Or do you have it?

  2. A good family friend gave the kids a bunch of her children's old books. It's the same edition you and I had growing up!


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