Tuesday, July 1, 2008

sad sad sad

Sunday evening a big storm blew through while we were out. We came home to find a kind neighbor picking up the mess left in our yard, including the battered gardenfort. The sight would have made me very sad if there had actually been anything growing on it but since the rabbits have made sure not to let that happen all I could do was sigh and shrug. Maybe next year. I may give it one last effort with some large potted vines I found at a local nursery and some chicken wire. Maybe. *sigh* *shrug*


  1. Very sad. Makes me wonder if anyone has success with those garden forts. I know we didn't. Hmmm . . .

  2. Oh, bummer. Maybe garden forts are for places with no storms or rabbits. Good luck with the new potted vines.

    Have you ever tried growing Passion Vines? Those things grow like crazy, but you will have a good chance of them ending up all over your yard. And in your neighbors yards. They have very pretty and intricate flowers and attract butterflies.


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