Sunday, June 8, 2008

texas so far

Enjoying crawfish, kids being kids together, Aggies, Shiner Bock, humidity and Blue Bell...most importantly, friends and family. Memories, memories, memories. The words of little cousin Aidan's prayer sum it up well, "We just thank you, Lord, that we're a family."


  1. eeewww...crawfish!?@?? I can't stand those things - but I do love a good crawfish boil for the fun it brings! Nothing like sitting around a table getting all greasy/grody (me, I turn into a vegetarian on those occasions) to make for good conversations!
    Looks like you are having a great time! Can't thank you enough for the fun we had last Thursday - let's do it again, soon, ok??

  2. I only eat crawfish if someone else peels them for me. Otherwise I stick to the potatoes and corn. Those things creep me out.

  3. we actually went to our first boil a few weeks ago and I had to peel my #1 away fro mthe table......she was an addict!!

    I got good at the end, but it was a little gross....

    Glad you are having fun!!

  4. What a sweet prayer! Glad you're having fun - and eating well. Sometimes I miss Texas. A little. :)


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