Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a home for wayward photos

Kelli's Photos have a new home...HERE.
Well, some photos will have a home there. Actually, I'm not sure why I started another photo project but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Check in when you can, see what’s happening, and feel free to put in your two cents. Feedback is good.
Trying to find the best method organizing photos seems to be a never-ever-ever-ending battle for me. I want to have all my files organized, backed up, loaded and printed, but with hundreds of them to wade through you can imagine the mess. Have you ever tried to get a bunch of toddlers to sit down and participate in the same activity? Shawn would say it's like herding cats. Sometimes I feel like that with my computer files.
I want all the fun of taking and enjoying photos. It's the work in between that I can't keep up with!
Even as I am staring this new project I am finding a whole new set of problems. At the moment I can't upload anything to Shutterfly. I know the glitch is with my computer but since I usually run away screaming from computer troubles I'm not sure when I'll have it sorted out.
In the mean time, I'll share some past favorites as I work on getting more recent shots online.


  1. Picasa is a good way to organize your photos. It's free, and you download it onto your computer. Then you can upload directly to blogger and to your own picasa web online album. You can order prints from picasa web albums, but I don't know about the quality as I've never done that.

    It's a really simple editing program as well that I use all the time. I just really like how it organizes everything. Then you can upload them to whatever site you want like Shutterfly for printing if you prefer.

  2. I have had Picasa on my list of 'things to try'. I will check it out and let you know how it goes! thanks Robin!


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