Wednesday, June 18, 2008

garden frustration

My Lily mix was trying to bloom...

And beginning to do a lovely job of it...

And then the wild rabbits discovered them...

THIS is frustrating.


  1. Your rabbits and my squirrels need to get together. They'd have a lot in common.
    So, do the rabbits squeeze through the fence? Dig beneath it? And, I take it the dog doesn't chase them away? Would it be possible to partially bury some chicken wire all along your fence line? That sounds like a lot of work. Surely the all-knowing internet has some answers for this rabbit problem. Maybe?

  2. I bought a new animal repellent product and spread that around tonight...we'll see. My open picket fence allows plenty of room for them to squeeze their fat greedy tummies in. The only other answer I've found is cats. Uhg. But I am seriously considering it!


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