Saturday, June 14, 2008

growing things

Everywhere I go, I notice what's growing. I love to see what people have chosen to plant in their gardens, on their porches and on their windowsills. I love that flowers are universally enjoyed. Green thumbs or brown, we all love them.
Here are a few of the flowers I enjoyed on our trip. I think my favorites were these gorgeous Calla Lilies on GG's (Great Grandma's) front porch...

Petunias always strike me as old fashioned (in a good way) and did you know that they smell heavenly at dusk? These look perfect with Grams' vintage metal porch chairs...

Sara's pink Roses and giant Lily of the Nile are simply picture perfect...

What's in your garden? Or perhaps, what would you like to see in those empty pots laying around? There must be something, after all, we all love flowers.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Kelli. I've struggled to keep my flowers and plants alive in this dry, hot, Texas weather. Mine look nothing like these pictures. Glad you are enjoying your family and the summer.

  2. WOW - I absolutely love that gorgeous pink calla!! Great shot!!


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