Wednesday, July 17, 2013

here we are in black and white

Three years ago, I wept in my car as I drove away from her house after one of the hardest goodbyes this military life has required of me. We refused to actually say "goodbye", firmly placing our hope in "see you later". California, Hawaii, Japan? We couldn't say but we refused to think our babies born two weeks apart and sharing a name wouldn't play together again one day. "See you later on some other beach" we dreamed out loud.
And now, here we are. Here we are finding out it was to be a Florida beach. Here we are watching those babies-now-four-year-olds splashing in the waves like best friends. Here we are cooing over her new little one and laughing at my pregnant awkwardness in the sand. Here we are for a little while, until the time comes for our next "see you later". Here we are amazed by God's goodness. 

1 comment:

  1. You are a precious friend, and I pray my life is continually graced with times with our lives overlapping!!!! Here's to more beaches or mountains, gardens and playdates!


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