Sunday, July 28, 2013

lock 'em out, they'll thank you for it.

summer play1
I locked my children out of the house the other day. I locked all the doors, one step ahead of them as they ran around trying to find a way in. I smiled calmly through the window at their surprised and annoyed and angry faces, and then turned up the stereo and sat down with a book. I could see them, they could see me, and for the first twenty minutes it was a battle of wills. They tried knocking (I ignored them, ha!) They tried the doorbell (it's broken, ha!) They tried to get to a garage door opener (I locked the car too, ha!)
They were safe. They had each other. They had a yard full of toys and plenty of energy (believe me.)
I was determined.
And I won.
summer play2
After they got over their initial shock and realized I was not leaving my spot on the couch any time soon, they gave in and started to play. And play is what they did for almost two hours. When they weren't looking, I set three cups and a bottle of cold juice on the porch. I snapped a few pictures through the window, just in case I needed to remind them later that they had not been traumatized by their mandatory fun time.
As it turned out, they didn't need a reminder. A day or two later as I was shooing them outside to play, Katie turned to me and pleaded with a laugh, "Mama, will you please lock us out again?!"
"You bet!" was my reply.
lego boats2


  1. I believe in some media circles this would have some hashtags, so here you go: #momoftheyear #forreal #winning
    I love this!

  2. What fun! I'll have to remember this!

  3. You're so awesome! And your kids are so awesome!


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