Friday, May 24, 2013

berry pickin' pictures

ripe berries
strawberry picking
We hadn't picked our own strawberries in a long time -like since Kate was a babe on my back!- so it was fun to get out to a farm with friends recently and cut the kids loose with baskets to fill. They all took off in different directions with buddies and came back hot and sweaty with plenty of good red berries. 24 pounds of good red berries! Our freezer is fully stocked with jam now (but I left just enough room for the blueberries that should be ripe any day now...)
kate in the berries

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  1. Oh, I cannot wait for strawberry season! Picking should be best the second or third week of June around here. Like you, I haven't had a chance to pick since Beau was a baby.
    I'm hoping I can find a honey-sweetened freezer jam recipe. Think I'll have any luck?


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