Sunday, May 26, 2013


it started with waffles
and big smiles
(he cooked by the way, and then the kids cleaned up!)
good morning.
then we visited the best little shop in town for some garden supplies...
the seed scale
and a little playing around (although they were sad all the baby chicks had sold)
kate the clown
how cute are these girls?!
hats for sale
while they played, i bought flowers
flowers for sale
but didn't need any more veggies because so far this year my garden is stinkin' awesome
veggies for sale
and then we worked, and worked, and worked...ok, well, shawn worked and I sort of followed him around huffing and puffing and complaining about my poor aching back and almost dug up a sprinkler line before giving up and just enjoying the breeze...
surprise lilies
and the lilies and the roses and the cute helpers
the reluctant helper.
and then I took another picture of the belly.
the belly -again
today, we went out for breakfast and then enjoyed a wonderful sunday morning sermon and lunch outside with our church family before coming home to rest and garden some more. 
and this weekend isn't even over yet!

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