Thursday, October 11, 2012

a road trip recap

So, we went to Texas last week! It was fun and relaxing with unexpectedly fall-like weather, truly a break we needed. Auntie Rah is home from China for a bit before moving to India (yes, she's pretty amazing like that), so we were all thrilled to be able to spend some time with her.
lovin' on Auntie Rah Rah
You can't be in Texas in October and not go to the Round Top antique fair. I found out the best way to keep myself from spending money on things I don't really need is to shop with three very distracting kids.
The girls did manage to score some $1 beanie babies that made their day and Tristan brought home a few old plastic army men (because the 246 he already has in a bucket needed 4 more friends?)
flea market finds
Tristan also decided he really likes playing badminton. I decided he needs to wash his hands...
And he found the greenest, fattest, coolest caterpillar I've ever seen. We figured out it's a giant polyphemus moth, and now it's snugly cocooned in a jar on our kitchen table.
our very hungry caterpillar
Our final adventure for the week (before the ten hour drive home, that is) was a day trip to Brenham where we toured Washington on the Brazos and the Bluebell Creamery. I hadn't been to those places in so long but found myself flooded with memories of elementary school field trips and family picnics.
the original delivery truck
The kids were only slightly impressed as they watched ice cream being made and packaged into those famous half-gallons, but they thoroughly enjoyed the free scoop at the end. So did I, as I tried not to think about the gigantic sugar tank outside...
ice cream & sugar
And this one last picture really needs no words. I love these three!
portrait of a youngest child


  1. I love Kate's face in that last picture:o)

  2. Definitely greatest Kate face ever:) great post. Love that Huge caterpillar

  3. Seriously wish I could download a picture right now... we found a polyphemus moth in Kansas when we were there (hugest moth I've ever seen- thought it was a bird from the distance!) and had it as a pet for about a day before we all caved and let it go as we didn't think it was enjoying it's life in captivity. Beautiful creatures! Hope you get to see the other side! ;)


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