Thursday, October 25, 2012


My friend, Sara, aptly referred to them as "sugar" and "spice" when she saw these pictures on Flickr. Yep. They are quite a pair, these girls. At this moment I can hear their voices floating down the hall from the bathroom where they have been happily playing in the tub ever since their game of "Cinderella and Merida" was called in from the yard on account of darkness. Now they're fighting over who will be named "Elsa" and who gets to use the colander (because on their way to the bathroom they grabbed armfuls dishes and kitchen tools.) Clearly the make-believe games don't end just because the princess dresses have to come off.
The kids are pretty upset with me tonight because early tomorrow morning I will get on a plane alone and fly to Pennsylvania to see my sister. They are all crying unfair! over the fact that I will see cousins without them (including baby Elsa -and whatever will I do when they find out Grandad and Yiayia are going to be there too?)
I am counting on a line-up of pumpkin carving, pine car building, and fall festival going with dad to keep them happy through the weekend, and I have already dried sad tears with promises of treats when I return. They will be just fine.
Shawn on the other hand will be alone with them for more than a few hours for the first time ever, so maybe it's him I should be worried about? Or maybe I should be worried about the so-called "perfect storm" headed towards the Northeast?
Nah. I'm not going to worry about a thing. I'm going to pack my (one) bag, my camera, and a few good books, and set out to enjoy a few short days at Maplehurst -thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. Oh yay!! ENJOY your time up north!! I hope Sandy doesn't disrupt much at all, but you've weathered a few storms so I'm sure you'll all be fine! I'll keep Shawn in my prayers :) Can't believe this is his first time alone with your crew! Maybe we should expand on his upcoming experience by planning a girls trip sometime in the future... ;)

  2. It was so nice to get to see you & the kiddos in College Station a couple weeks ago. We just got home from our four weeks road trip with lots of memories & pictures. Enjoy your visit with your sister. Arizona Patti

  3. i won't even comment on how jealous and sad I am that I can't be there with ya'll. have fun!

  4. Well it wound up being three bags!


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