Saturday, September 29, 2012

fall break

Tomorrow, the kids and I will head out of town for a last minute Fall Break road-trip. Back in August when I marked these days on the school calendar I pictured colorful leaves, apples, light sweaters, and pumpkin patches. I'm not sure why I pictured those things knowing what Autumn actually looks like in the South. A few days ago, the girls spent an afternoon in swimsuits making mud pies in the (very green) backyard. Today at Tristan's soccer game we were sweating through our seats in the humidity as red-faced boys struggled to keep moving on the field. This is Autumn in Florida. So October may still be all flip-flops and iced coffee, but a break is a break and I'll take it. See you next week with pictures from Texas!


  1. Have fun on your Fall Break!! I know of a good rest stop in southeast TX if you need one... :)

  2. Oh if only you skip on over here for some fall apple picking with us


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