Wednesday, June 20, 2012


giant melting ice cream sundae
Who decided that the middle of the day, in June, in Florida, was a good time to build a gigantic ice cream sundae?
I'm just not sure they thought that one through.
(And then they actually tried to offer us spoons! Ew.)


  1. Oh no. What was this for?? Although, considering that we are in Florida and it's the middle of June our weather has been very pleasant lately. For you too?

    1. the mornings have been unusually pleasant, that's true. I still took three showers today though (sheesh, I know. one when I got up, one after working out this afternoon, and another tonight after sweating in the yard for a couple hours...poor planning on my part I guess:)
      the ice cream mess was at the baseball game- not sure what the promotion behind it was.

  2. hahahahah, so funny! totally would have worked in Spokane, WA in June

  3. Better watch out- smart people like you get put in charge after disasters like these! ;)


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