Tuesday, June 12, 2012

family faces

the big kidsthaddeus
kenna mariesweet kate
smiley beaurori's pool
keltenbaby girl
Where to even begin with all those family pictures? Well, with faces of course (and one baby bump.) I so wish my sister, Lisa, could have been with us. There are two cousins and yet another baby-girl-belly missing from this bunch. In case you lost count, that makes ten grand kids and two more on the way. Yeah, we're kind of a prolific family.


  1. Love seeing the pictures of all those beautiful kiddos. I know you had a great time together.

  2. I love how your family is growing! So Lisa is having her third baby? That's so exciting. Two of my sisters have had babies in the last year, so we're up to nine grandbabies. I guess that means I have over half of them, so they better get a move on. :)


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