Friday, June 1, 2012

the Major

Major C
It's a big day in the Campbell house. Shawn left for work wearing Captains bars on his uniform for the last time (or his "costume" as Tristan continues to call it.) The rest of us broke from our usual pjs till lunchtime routine so we could join him at the squadron for his promotion ceremony. Half-way there, a confused Kenna looked up and said "oh, I thought it was church day!"
reciting the oath
The CO rattled off the whole oath in one breath and then Shawn followed suit.
I think they wanted to be as Marine as possible there on that Navy base.
Tristan and I pinned on Shawn's gold oak leaves...
with the CO
...and then the Marines had a good laugh at the fact that we pinned them on sideways.
Dad & his crew
I remember the day he left for OCS like it was yesterday, and now here we are, twelve years, three deployments, eight moves, three kids, and a whole lot of great memories later. I wouldn't trade it for anything (and it's a good thing since we have a lot of years still to go!) I am so proud of this man and all he has accomplished.

Congratulations, Shawn. I love you!


  1. That is wonderful -- what an accomplishment for Shawn and your family!

  2. So proud of Shawn! Wish we were closer to celebrate with you!

  3. Oh I love this, I love this, I LOVE this. So glad you captured it!

  4. WOW! that is one great memory for you all! I love your line "we broke from our usual pjs till lunchtime routine" and that Kenna thought you were going to church. Love you all and so proud of Shawn and all his accomplishments!


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