Friday, July 22, 2011

at home | books

books by color
Remember how I told you I organized the books by color? Yeah that didn't last long. It sure looked cool but when I wanted to find a specific title it was kind of annoying and when I started unpacking school books I knew it was going to be downright useless.
books by color
I love books-as-decor but I'm just too practical to have books-only-as-decor. It was fun for a bit though. I found a happy medium after I re-arranged by genre and accented with some green/yellow arrangements. This might last longer (although I'm so bad at watering indoor plants it could end up a bookshelf fail as well.)
color solution
I finally took some pictures of the house so I'll be back with those for you later...I suddenly have a strong desire to go find a comfy chair to read in.


  1. Eager to see what your new home (finished product)looks like. Know it is inviting....hope it is cooler around your home compared to what we're experiencing here in Shawnee. :)

  2. Dad, you got it to work again! Yay- welcome back:)
    It has actually been a tiny bit 'cooler' lately although the term 'not deadly sufficating' is probably more accurate. You should definitely come visit!

  3. I wish I could see all the titles of the books on our shelf. :)


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