Thursday, July 7, 2011

just so you know...

painting on the sunshine
We are alive.
while mom & dad are painting...
We survived our first few days in our new home thanks to some great little air beds from GranD, a new slip 'n slide, plenty of movies and entirely too many juice boxes. Shawn did an amazing job painting, flooring and generally sprucing up this place before the kids and I came to stay. We made a final push to get things done together before our furniture arrived, and we've been buried in boxes and projects ever since.girl's room
We unpacked for two solid days and then our dear friends, Brian and Jamie, came to visit for the week with their three kiddos. We enjoyed fireworks over Pensacola Beach on the fourth, a tour of the Naval Air museum on base, plenty of surf and sand complete with a Blue Angels show and some nasty sun burns.
tristan's room
The house is looking great -almost like we've been here for months (six kids worth of dirt and toys will do that.) Jamie even helped me shelve all our books. By color. (It's awesome. I'll show you soon, but don't ask me to find you any specific titles!)
hardware for ONE project
Next on the list is a project involving way too many nails and screws, many of which have been strewn about the backyard (six kids will also do that.)
kenna's grocery list
So we're here. Settling in, building things, painting things, playing at the beach -you know. I'm hoping to finally get back to more regular posting here soon. Just as soon as I finish painting the dining room. And unpacking my clothes. And the school supplies. And assembling some furniture. And potty training Kate....
oh my.
Maybe we'll just go back to the beach.


  1. I figured you were buried! So good to see that you're digging out. Can't wait to see more house photos. Looks like Shawn did an amazing job with the floors and paint.
    What are all those screws for??? The new beds?? Yikes!

  2. those floors look great.

    oh, martha. i love her new-ish paint line. her coordinated paint palettes are brilliant.

  3. Loving your colors! Can't wait to see more!

  4. Potty training! I need all the tips you can send me. Please!

  5. I'm so glad y'all are alive -- I've missed you! ~~Sharon


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