Saturday, June 5, 2010

the weekend...again

Wasn't it just Saturday?  This morning my littlest and loudest woke me at 5a.m. and I was puzzled and confused by my husbands presence....shouldn't you be getting up? I thought. Did we remember to set the coffee pot? Why are you still sleeping?
I changed a diaper, made a bottle and put Kate back to bed before I realized it -Saturday.  Oh thank goodness.  And back to sleep I went.
Now, the pancakes have been made and eaten, the kids dressed, the kitchen...well, I'm not sure about the current state of the kitchen (and don't care to know) and it's on to tackling the to-do list.  First, I leave you with some photos from our overnight on the boat last weekend. I believe it's becoming an end-of-May family tradition (We're Aggies, so if we do something twice it is officially a tradition, right?)
ok kids, go play...sleeping quarters
bubbleson-board entertainment
we survived!285


  1. Yea for weeekends, there are just not nearly enough of them.

  2. love the pic of Shawn lounging in the hammock and all the kids sleeping. TOO CUTE!

  3. oh, i love these photos. especially the one of your girls reading and all their little treasures next to them.

    i think we need a boat!


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