Tuesday, June 15, 2010

and our cup overflows...

calm watersplaytime
"catch!"summer sunset from my porch
cleaning out, moving onthe marsh
"are you gonna stop me?"a saturday morning
Amidst the storm of frustration, tears, stress and emotion swirling through this month of happenings, we have seen moments of calm. Peace. Beauty. Quiet. Laughter. Fun. Learning. Inspiration. Encouragement. I could go on and on but...oh so much more to be done before my head reaches the pillow. We have one more day of our Classical Conversations practicum (which has been incredible!) then we head to Arizona for six days packed with family gatherings, a wedding and hopefully a step or two out onto the sky walk. We will be back just in time to greet our packers and watch them dismantle the home we spent six years creating. I am promising to look forward over these remaining days of chaos. I will remind myself that it isn't the pots full of flowers or the pictures just-so on the walls that make my home -it is those hands, grasped around a table, any table. They are home to me and we're in this together. So let the adventure continue...


  1. I hope you have a safe and great trip to AZ. I can't believe you are leaving already. I hope your move goes smoothly.

  2. I love your positve attitude about change. Thank you for keeping things in perspective.

  3. So much going on!! I imagine leaving a garden is much, much harder than leaving a house.

  4. Kelli, you just posted the Father's Day picture for my bulletin. Be safe in your travels.

  5. What a beautiful way of describing "home." I love it - and I love you guys. May this next leg of your adventure be spectacular and blessed.

  6. Sometimes, if you are lucky, when browsing, you come across a gem -like your pictures, your words - and it is a blessing. Thanks and safe trip. Meri


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