Monday, June 7, 2010

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summer movers...lovely lily
magnoliaspink hydrangeas
the lily potgardenia
the orange tree that refuses to dieovercrowding is allowed in my garden

It looks and feels like summer already in these parts. I did absolutely no planting or garden rearranging this spring as I usually do but looking around now I realize I wouldn't have needed to (need...not want). After four years in this house, the garden seems to have reached that happy place of being content and full, even over-full in places, asking only a little watering and weeding in exchange for jars upon jars of cut blooms. This was the first year that I didn't add anything or move anything or attempt-to-grow-then-kill anything. I have simply let it be, soaked it up and dreaded saying goodbye. Oh a few things will be going with me such as that potted plant there by the fire pit. (Do you recognize it? It's my miracle orange tree! It's back again!) Some things will be passed on to gardening friends and the rest...well the rest will be left to the mercy of the elements and our future renters. Renters we do not have yet. Renters who have yet to even view the inside of my oh-so-clean-and-tidy home. Renters who have yet to relieve me of the cleaning and tidying so I can get on with the packing and mess-making! But I'm not a bit stressed by that or anything. Ahem. Actually, I'm trying real hard to follow my husbands lead on this one. He is so confident that God will provide the renters we need in time. He is trusting and waiting to see how it will all work out because he believes fully that it will. all. work. out. Today he sent me this from his iPhone. It reminded me to stop worrying and have a little faith and you know, to chill out, woman! It's just not up to me. Like all those flowers that will continue to grow as long as God sends the sunshine and rain. He sends the sunshine and rain, for crying out loud...I'm sure He can send a nice family to rent our home. Perhaps even one that loves to garden...

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think...! Eph3:20


  1. Those photos are stunning, Kel. I especially love the focus and shallow DOF on the gardenia (don't tell my favorite flower, the hydrangea, that). So glad you'll have these mementos!! One day you'll have another garden that has grown and flourished under your care - most likely, one more beautiful than this!

  2. BEAUTIFUL Hydrangeas! Love them! We had those behind our house in Atlanta and I so wish they would grow here- love them... but not so much the daddy long-legs that loved to inhabit them (at least in atlanta)... Enjoy the planting that you have done in the past- it is beautiful!

  3. Okay, so I'll pray for renters for your house with you, but can I rent your garden? Thanks for the tomatoes and fun plants you doorbell ditched yesterday. I am the luckiest girl on the block to get real flowers from the gardener of the month after month after month.:)

  4. I'm always impressed with how sharp your photos are.

  5. haha, look at my latest blog and yours. Your pictures are just a little better than mine :-) I need a new camera!!!!!!


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