Tuesday, May 11, 2010

taking a moment to dream

We are soaking up as much time on The Summer Wind as we can right now. The kids enjoy hanging out at the docks for picnic lunches and whenever possible, Shawn and I love to steal away under the setting sun.
sunset over New Riversailing out of New River marina
We are considering some options for moving the boat to Virginia with us but the task is a bit overwhelming. Having never left the familiar waters of the New River inlet or spent more than one night on board, the cruising life is uncharted territory for our little crew.
Think of the opportunities, though! In the future we would love to spend days and weeks at a time exploring together. Homeschool would become boatschool with the value of hard work being a central theme of the curriculum. Oh it's not easy to live in close quarters for extended amounts of time, we know that, but what a way to learn how to be giving, how to live simply and how to look after one another at all times.
dinner cruisesunset over New River from Gottschalk marina
These are the things we dream about on our peaceful evening sails...when the kids are not with us begging for snacks, complaining about life jackets or arguing over who gets to sit where...Yes, we know the reality that comes with our dreams!
Still, doesn't hurt to dream.
just the two of ussunset over New River


  1. oh bring your boat to FL would you?! I would love to enjoy your boat when it's actually warm outside.

  2. Boatschool sounds great! And just think of all the great places to sail up in VA!

  3. I have that camera bag, too.

  4. I would like to enroll in boatschool! ;)

  5. Brilliant idea!!! Sailing, what an exciting adventure. Can't wait to take you up on the offer one of these days very soon!! And the sushi....yes that too!

  6. Oh, and I think you should bring the boat to Virginia and then take me sailing.

  7. Robin -if we can get it there, you got it! we'll go on photo sails :)
    Christy -if we can't get it there, well, YOU got it!
    Lisa -that is why you need to come visit ME when it is warm.

  8. You look absolutely beautiful...and relaxed.

  9. I absolutely love everything about this post. I love the dream, I love the two of you relaxing, I love the reality of what it looks like with the kiddos, I love the pictures.

  10. I keep scrolling back up to see Shawn sticking out his tongue... hehehe:)

    Gorgeous pics, Kel. I'm absolutely in love with the first one!! Great colors!

    One day, I am dreaming of an evening sail with you and our respective loves. Our cameras. (Oh, and the guys too;) )


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