Tuesday, May 4, 2010

for sale!

...old magazines, toys, clothes and housewares.
Beat up furniture, broken electronics, stuff, stuff and more stuff...
Take it! Take it away! we said. But you can have it for half that! we said.
And take it they did for a pretty penny in our pockets and empty space in our closets.

...and it is best to garage sale with friends. You can sell your junk alone for a few
measly dollars and a lost Saturday morning or you can have a party that pays for itself!

(lemonade photo by Christy)


  1. Money made... a couple hundred dollars all together. The memories we made and the extra space in our closets... priceless! It's a win win win!!! What ya doing Friday? hehehehe

  2. well, Christy, I do still need to lose that t.v....:)

  3. I greatly dislike the process of having a garage sale -- but there's nothing better than getting rid of your junk and making some money at the same time!

  4. mmm . . . I want a glass of that lemonade.


  5. Kate looks so big in that lemonade picture. thought it was kenna for a second...

  6. I could really go for some 10 cent lemonade right now.

  7. "a party that pays for itself" - ha ha! Love it!


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