Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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I'm still wading through the Florida photos but took a detour today on another project.  Yesterday, my friend Christy called to let me know that a couple of the photos I took at her husband's homecoming last year were on the Officer's Christian Fellowship website.  I gladly gave OCF permission to use the photos from that day and it has been fun to see them pop up on the website from time to time.  After talking to Christy, I got an email from another friend (who happens to be an excellent photographer) asking me if I had entered Pioneer Woman's latest assignment.  I'm always about fifty posts behind in my Google reader so I've never managed to hear about an assignment in time to take part -till now (thanks, Sara!)  So, I uploaded a handful of favorites (including the one on the OCF banner) to Flickr and will submit them to the PW group over the next few days.  There are some beautiful moments posted there and it is near impossible to browse them without reaching for the tissue box.  As Memorial Day approaches I am so glad I have the chance to use my camera in this small way to say thank you.  May we never forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in their service to our country.
Coming Home | watching for his hero


  1. Kel, what can I say you've captured some of the most precious of our family moments ever. Both homecomings and so much more. You're the best!!!!I think Time Life should be calling you any day now.

  2. gorgeous! . . . both the photo and the sentiments.



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