Saturday, November 21, 2009

links to make you SMILE

For every one good picture of the kids I take, I have about a thousand of these -
No smiles there. Kenna looks like Cousin It and Kate is doing her rolly polly thing. I love it. You should see the attempts at getting our whole family in that picture. What I need is the help of a dear friend who also loves to to take photos and does a great job...oh wait, I have one of those! But she lives six states away. Shoot. For all of you in the Houston area, maybe you can take advantage of this sweet mama's skills. She has a new photography business up and running and some beautiful pictures to share over here at her new site. Tell her I sent you (that way if I ever do get the chance I can hit her up for a discount! hehe) Sara has some wonderful creative talent and three really adorable boys that give her plenty of practice with the camera - While we're talking photos, I bet you're all trying to figure out what to do for Christmas cards for this year, right? No? Well, you better get on it. Only 35 days left you know, but I have your solution! Head over to the Kojo blog and check out the amazing finds and creations by my friend Jordan and her sister. Their Etsy shop is full of gorgeous card designs -gorgeous! It gets better. Now through November 30, they are offering an amazing deal -purchase a $15 digital card design and get 100 5x7 photo cards with envelopes free!! When I saw that I was absolutely kicking myself for having already made our card. Theirs are SO much better!
So check out the links today and enjoy the photo goodness you will find at both. And smile!


  1. Thanks for the link! You are too sweet!

  2. Christmas cards- I need to get on that! We'll see if our good taste picks out the same card again this year! :)


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