Thursday, November 19, 2009

finding a new groove

The holidays arrived at our house over the weekend. We had a small Thanksgiving feast, Christmas cookie decorating and even some gift opening. On our last evening together, we took in the sunset over the marina as the kids clambered around the shore and the playground.
Today Shawn safely arrived at his new home-far-away-from-home and the kids and I are working on finding a new groove.
For now, that mostly involves taking some time to rest before the holiday excitement and travels begin. I'm going to finish unpacking from our trip and cleaning up the messes I ignored for the past few weeks. I'm going to let Kate smash all the bananas she wants into her hair at breakfast if it allows me to sit and drink my coffee slowly. I'm going to let the kids take hour long bubble baths (especially after bananas-for-breakfast) while I read on the bathroom floor. I strung up twinkle lights around our reading spot (consolation for not getting out the Christmas decorations this year) where I will spend many hours cuddling with kids and storybooks. I'm going to pray -a lot- for Shawn, who doesn't have these comforts of home and little ones to hug. I don't know how he does what he does.
But I know how lucky I am to call him mine.


  1. Oh Kelli - We are so grateful for you, Shawn, your family and all who serve. Was just talking about your momma and dad with Becky Segrest this week-brickmomma

  2. kelli- every post I have read since "facing deployment" has brought me to tears... many many many that I couldn't even comment. I keep thinking about you guys and the sacrifices your family makes over and over again and it had truly brought me to a place of (well first of all a realization of how selfish I am) humble gratitude for men like shawn that do what they do, not just for our nation, but specifically for me...and my family. thank you. we will be praying many many prayers for your hubby. AND he will be going on our prayer globe ornament this year as a person we love and pray for across the world. we love you guys.

  3. gaw...
    how about a post that doesn't drive me to tears, girlfriend?
    i mean seriously.
    how do you DO it? how does SHAWN do it??
    i can hardly think of or pray for you guys without a lump in my throat. i love y'all so much.
    going to find a kleenex now.

    oh - just read jord's post above...i LOVE the prayer globe ornament deal. that is so incredibly special.

  4. That was beautiful, your perspective is so amazing and I am now tearing up. Proud to call you friend.

  5. Don't think I could say it better than any of the others who have already commented. Know that we are so, so thankful for all the sacrifices your family has made and continues to make. And that we're praying for you all.

  6. You can most certainly link! And the prayer globe isn't finished yet, but when it is it will be on my blog. Basically I am making a paper mache globe and then adding dots for all the people around the world that we know and pray for on a consistent basis. You could just buy a globe ornament and add stickers too. I know world market has some. :)


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