Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toben's toes

My dear friend, Sara, welcomed her son, Toben James Griffin, on September 9 and he is precious -just look at those feet.  Oh how I love baby feet!  Toben has two big brothers all ready to teach him everything they know about life (you know -how to stick things in your nose, how to burp, how to drive your mom crazy with questions about robots and space ships, how to do pretty much anything with at least two matchbox cars in your hands...)  With those three beautiful boys, Sara definitely has her hands full but I'm pretty sure her heart is full as well.  Congrats, Sara and Ryan!  I hope you don't mind me stealing your photo.  Like I said, I do love baby toes and Toben's are extra cute if you ask me.  Maybe one day soon we'll be able to get all six(!) of our kids behind the same camera.  Wow...full hearts indeed.


  1. Congratulations Sarah!!!!! SUch a blessing to have all those boys to raise up into godly men!

  2. That's still one of my favorite pics from the last week and a half... has it been "that long" already?? I think it's funny that Toben's feet look so huge -- when really, he's such a tiny guy. It's wild to be literally surrounded by so many beautiful boys. God is good, indeed.
    {Toben means "God is good"}


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