Monday, September 14, 2009

love this place

We never get tired of spending time out here. There is something so refreshing about the beach. Whether you spend a day or an hour, whether you dive in head first or just let the waves tickle your toes -you leave feeling such peace.
And maybe a little grit in your shoes.
We enjoyed some of this gorgeous last-week-of-summer weather at Topsail today with GranD, Mike and GG who are visiting from Texas. I've got more photos to go through but right now I just want to be sitting outside in the breeze. See you later computer.


  1. I couldn't agree more. The is nothing quite like the renewal that comes from being at the beach. I have a feeling your kids will always find it a peaceful place to be. I am so thankful for my childhood beach memories (even if they are in galveston) ; )

  2. So if we go to the beach this weekend are we going to freeze? Do you know we haven't been all summer. We just kissed our pool good-bye today.

  3. Laura, We really haven't spent a lot of time out there this summer either and I've been missing it! We actually like it better in the cooler, crowd-free months anyway. The water is getting chilly but if the air is still warm this weekend it won't be so bad!


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