Friday, September 4, 2009


Monday night I was complaining about the heat and suddenly Tuesday was a breezy seventy degrees (I was eating my blog words that day). Monday, Shawn was thirty-four years old and by Wednesday, he was thirty-five. Monday at the doctor's office Kate did not have teeth (swollen gums, yes but teeth, no). Tuesday, she had not one but two making their appearance! Amazing how changes can sneak up on us even when we are expecting them.
Suddenly, my baby is half a year old. She is trying to crawl, trying new foods, trying to sit up, trying to say mama (OK, maybe not that one. Maybe I'm just hoping that one of my kids will say mama before that selfish?) Suddenly, time feels like it is moving faster than I thought. Suddenly, I just want to hold this little one as long as she'll let me because I know how fast this stage will pass us by. I am excited to know who she will be at two and at five and all the ages in between...but oh to make the sixth month last just a tiny bit longer would be a dream. I do love this sweet, easy age.
Suddenly, I see my other two running around like puppies, giggling over some invented game. As I holler at them to slow it down please, I realize I can't wait to see Kate join them.
Alright then, Katie Bear. You can grow now...but slow it down please.


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