Monday, February 16, 2009

what a great dad

Last night Shawn made a quick stop at the store for a few essentials. You know, milk, yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies...remote controlled cars. He came home excited as a little boy with new toys that he wanted to share with his buddy right away. So he did. He woke Tristan up at 9pm from what was apparently a deep sleep so he could share the fun. It took Tristan about ten minutes to wake up as he sat in Dad's lap nodding off at first then taking to the couch to watch with eyes barely open.

After a while the sound of those cars racing around the house finally got through to his sleepy little head and realizing what was happening, he began to wake up and play. What a pair, those boys and their cars. After a while, even Kenna was brought down to join the fun. She chased the cars like a kitten after a ball exclaiming, "I got it!" every time she caught one and then bringing it back to it's driver to play again.

After a late night of spontaneous fun, you'd think the kids might have slept longer than usual this morning. Nope. Not a problem for me though -I let Dad get up with them!

1 comment:

  1. TOO FUNNY!!!
    You're a better wife/mom than I would have been in that situation... Once the boys are down for the night, only a major emergency would warrant the need to wake them up!! :)
    I'm glad you guys had fun - and that Shawn was off today to get up with the kiddos! :)


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