Monday, February 2, 2009

not yet

See? I told you it's frightening. At almost 38 weeks, this baby is happy to stay put even though this mama feels like she's falling apart at the seams. We've had weeks of no sleep, antibiotics, sinus troubles and serious pain meds for a pulled muscle in my tummy (from coughing so hard -I know- seriously?) There were a few hours over the weekend when we thought something was happening but a quick trip to the hospital to get checked out was all it took to scare those contractions away.
So, the wait continues. I will try to be patient but I am just so ready to find out who this little person is. Also a picture of a baby would be so much cuter than a picture of my belly in the bathroom mirror.


  1. Hang in there! I know those last few weeks are torture... and it sounds like you've had it rougher than most. Keeping you and the little one in our prayers :)

    Oh, and I totally stole your belly-in-the-bathroom-mirror pose :)

  2. I think your belly in the mirror pict is adorable! I am rooting for you! I've got a few yoga poses you can try to get labor moving if you want?!

  3. Wondering if Kenna understands that she will no longer be the baby??


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