Monday, February 9, 2009

mach 5

That's how fast it feels like he's growing up. We had a fitting Mach 5 Speed Racer party on Saturday and today it's official -Tristan is five. I will try not to cry.
I am so proud of this little man. He has an incredible, sweet nature, a brain full of smart questions and clever ideas, and an excitement every morning for what the day holds. He has no idea how much he has taught this mama over the last five years about life and God's love.
Happy to be able to celebrate in person with his son, Dad went out and chose the best Lego set he could find and these two spent the whole evening building their fire station. They sat down to work, Tristan with blue icing on his face, at 6:30 pm...

And at 9pm the building had lasted well past bedtime, as did the blue icing...
Tristan, I can't imagine life without the joy of your smile and your questions and your love of pancakes. I am so thankful for you and the blessing of celebrating five years with you. You are a gift, son, and we love you so much.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy (x5) Birthday Tristan!!!

    Love, love the blue icing...

  2. I'm also celebrating today as 46 years ago I gave birth to my first "gift from God" named Marty Ray Reed. Everything you said is true as I can't imagine life without them.
    Happy Birthday Tristan and Marty.
    Enjoy the day. And tomorrow, your mom and my grandson, Kolby will be celebrating. February is a good month for birthdays.


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