Thursday, September 4, 2008

what do you say to that?

Tristan's Sunday school teacher recently told me that she loves to let him talk in class just to see what he is going to say. At first I laughed and then I got a little worried as I thought about some of the things I hear come out of his mouth at home! For example...

*Tristan: Mom, can you see when you take your head off?

*Mom: Tristan, have you been wiping your boogers on the wall?! That's GROSS!!
Tristan: But some of my boogers are brown just like the wall.

*Mom: Tristan, don't chug your slushie like that you'll be sick.
I'm not drinking it fast though, it's just coming into my mouth fast!

*Tristan (calling downstairs during naptime): Mom, I can't sleep! I smell wet hair!
Mom: What?! Is your hair wet?
Tristan: No, but I don't want to smell wet hair!

*Tristan (with play food): Mom, I'm making food for you and Kenna.
Mom: OK. What about Prowl? (Tristan's 'Transformer' toy that is currently always at his side)
Tristan (as if I should have known): Prowl only eats Decepticons!

The chatterbox started another year of preschool yesterday. I would love to be a fly on the wall in Mrs. Drum's classroom!


  1. Ok I am laughing out loud. Of course, I mean if the wall is brown... then OK! LOL It is so cool that you write these things down! He will love to read that stuff one day.

  2. Don't you love little boy conversations? And aren't you so pleased that you can't post them on a blog to share with the world? I would hate to miss out on some of these laughs.


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