Saturday, September 13, 2008

weeding through

With my vase of fall weeds to keep me company during nap time, I set out to weed through all my unfinished (and in some cases, unstarted) sewing projects. Why do I have so many hats? Crocheted hats, stitched hats, patterns for knit hats. They do make fun baby gifts, but I must try something new.
Just as soon as I finish these last few hats.


  1. Kelli-
    I made your chocolate chip cream scones last night and am enjoying one right now... yummy! I used half wheat flour and it is really good- i think i am going to try it with cranberries (not dried ones) next time and see if i can get one like Sweet Eugene's. Unfortunately, i don't have a nice book to read this morning :( But the coffee is good- Thanks for the recipe-

  2. Eugene's cranberry scones used to be my favorite!! Do they still make them? I have used dried before but I bet fresh will be better.
    Glad you're enjoying them:)

  3. YES! the definitely still make them- i really think putting fresh cranberries and i guess you need som sweet icing and maybe some pecans and they will taste really similar... i am going to try it next- I took a knitting lesson last year and then got busy and haven't really made anything- i do think it is something that i would really enjoy and it is such a portable craft... fun to be in touch again!


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