Thursday, December 12, 2013

advent images

We are leaving town soon for a long overdue trip to Spokane, Washington, where we get to spend a cold but cozy Christmas with my sister's family. We did not get a tree and the Christmas decorations will remain tucked away in the attic this year, so we have been doing our best to add touches of festive to our days wherever we can. There have been cookies, crafts, movies, games, special tea times, and of course stacks upon stacks of Christmas story reading. All this, of course, in between bouts of nearly losing my mind as I try to accomplish laundry, cleaning, packing, and gift shopping with four mini-tornadoes in tow. So while these photos seem rather warm and peaceful, look closer and imagine baking chaos, screeching tin whistles, and card games ending in cries of, "not fair!" There is no quiet here. But there is Joy.

{Remember, you can see more of these images of advent at Christie's page. I hope you have been following her incredibly beautiful advent series!}


  1. I hope it's a beautiful (snowy) Christmas! Praying traveling mercies.

  2. Ha love that you keep it real...and they are gorgeous peaceful.looking pictures


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