Saturday, November 30, 2013

december eve

florida girl
I went for a walk behind the girls on their bikes tonight (Kenna is fast and my camera never caught up.) I noticed bare tree branches and flowers gone to seed -sure signs of coming winter even though my daughter refuses to put away the summer sundress.
Transitions are difficult.
Tomorrow is December. It is Advent. This season snuck up on me so quietly and now threatens to rage past in a whirlwind of activities and shiny new things that won't be shiny anymore come January.
But I want something different. For me, for my family -different.
What is it?
I'm not entirely sure right now, I just know it doesn't fit in a box under a tree. I know it's real and lasting.
It might even be difficult.
following katie
My efforts can't make the light dawn…this strikes deep in my heart for so many reasons. Words fail me.   All I can say right now is that I am waiting and watching. "For with you is light, in your light we see light." (Ps 36:9) I'll be following along with my camera, getting in as close as I can, and I hope you'll join me as Christie is posting every day for Advent.


  1. These are powerful images for Advent. They are quiet, a little sad, desperate, even. But also hopeful, forward-looking, turned toward the light.
    I think they are my prayer for this season.

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