Saturday, August 6, 2011

flying again, and...

32/52 sky
project 52 ~ week 32 ~ theme: sky (or: where daddy goes to work)

shawn started flying again last week. and today I feel selfish as I thank God he is flying here for now, not there. and I pray for the families who are receiving the worst news today. and I wonder how my prayers could even make a difference for them. and I remember my sister's words from yesterday. and I keep praying.

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  1. Psalm 71:2-4(NKJV)

    2 Deliver me in Your righteousness, and cause me to escape;
    Incline your ear to me, and save me.
    3 Be my strong refuge,
    To which I may resort continually;
    You have given the commandment to save me,
    For You are my rock and my fortress.


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