Wednesday, December 8, 2010

oh Christmas tree

at the tree farm
We made our traditional holiday trek to the Christmas tree farm over the weekend with a bunch of friends. I love Christmas tree farms.  If I ever had a farm, it would be for Christmas trees. Or flowers.
the tree farm
Tristan was easy to please, declaring "this one looks good!" over just about every tree (I think he was just really eager to use the saw).
tristan_tree farm
Meanwhile, Kate found a nice patch of weeds that she would have been happy to take home and decorate.
kate_tree farm
Kenna, after falling asleep in the car and being woken up to hike through the fields, wasn't really sure she wanted to be there at all.
kenna_tree farm
She eventually got over it.  Mostly.
the kids_tree farm
Once we had chosen and cut our tree, Kate very proudly carried it all the way to the tractor, all by herself.  So she thought.
kate's tree
Then we all climbed onto the flatbed with her for a short ride to the tree shaker thing station.  (Well, what do you call it?)
tractor ride
While the tree was being tied to the car and my phone (that I didn't know I had lost) was being returned to me from the fields by some nice stranger; the kids clambered all over the three tractors that someone had conveniently parked there just for them. So they thought.  Kenna asked me "if we could make them move." I said no.
tractors at the tree farm
Once we had our tree home, the kids began scattering ornaments and laying a minefield of tiny hooks in the carpet while Shawn strung lights and I took pictures.
the decorating mess
For some reason, Kate, who is usually the instigator of all things wild and crazy, chose to sit peacefully on the couch, turning page after page of my Bible as the other kids hung ornaments. (Or maybe that was just her cover, as she waited for someone to fall into her tiny hook minefield trap...)
kate chose to read instead
In the end, nothing was lost and no one was injured in the finding and decorating of our Christmas tree.  It was a really fun day, the tree is perfect and the house smells amazing.
our tree 2010
I love Christmas traditions.


  1. I love this post. do you get Kate not to rip the pages of any book? Elizabeth has been relegated to nothing but board books.

  2. Yay for Christmas trees and Christmas tree farms! I briefly considered driving 3 hours to a tree farm, but quickly came to my senses. I'll just do it vicariously through you!


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